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Tournament Rules:

  • Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, and Smallmouth Bass are the only fish that will be allowed to weigh-in.
  • 12" Minimum on Largemouth, Spotted Bass, and Smallmouth Bass.
  • No short fish will be allowed to weigh-in.
  • No dead fish will be allowed to weigh-in. There will be a 1 pound penalty for every dead fish bought to the scales. 
  • Competitors must wear life-jackets anytime the big engine is running. The driver must have a kill switch attached anytime the big engine is running.
  • At blast off every boat must have their navigation lights on & live wells open and empty while idling by the dock.
  • We will blast off according to boat numbers assigned at check-in on tournament morning. When your boat number is called you will idle by the dock and we will check for your navigation lights, live wells, kill switch, and life jackets.
  • The first flight will check in at the dock at 3:30 P.M. Each flight will consist of 20 boats and be 10 minutes apart. (There is a 1 pound penalty for every minute late)
Flight 1 (boats 1-20) due in at 3:30
Flight 2 (boats 21-40) due in at 3:40
Flight 3 (boats 41-60) due in at 3:50
Flight 4 (boats 61-80) due in at 4:00 
Flight 5 (boats 81-100) due in at 4:10


AOY Points:

We will keep track of Angler of the Year points throughout the season (The Championship tournament will not count towards AOY points). The Angler of the Year team will be announced at the Championship Tournament and the prize will be given away at Championship Weigh-In. 

If you change partners throughout the season you WILL LOSE your AOY points up to that point. If your partner is not able to make it to a tournament and you choose to fish solo then you will keep your AOY points and continue like normal.

AOY Points will be credited to each team per event as follows:

  1. 300
  2. 295
  3. 290
  4. 280
  5. 270
  6. 260
  7. 250
  8. 240
  9. 230
  10. 220
  11. 200
  12. 180
  13. 160
  14. 140
  15. 120
  16. 100
  17. 80
  18. 60
  19. 40
  20. 30
  21. 25
All teams 21st and down will count down in points one by one. After 45th place every team will receive only 1 point.