Delta Jig Jr.

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All of our Delta Jig Jr.'s are hand made right here in South Alabama! Delta Jig Jr.'s feature a uniquely designed head shape that is great for an all-in-one finesse jig! When fished on the bottom our Delta Jig Jr.'s stand up with the hook at a 45° angle. When paired with our Bayou Chunks, Delta Jig Jr.'s make a great finesse craw imitation! The nose-up design of the Delta Jig Jr.'s help them move through brush and vegetation easily and significantly reduces snags making it a great option for a finesse swim jig as well.


  • Hand Poured Jig with a multipurpose head design
  • Hand Tied Skirt with Copper Wire for extended durability
  • Chip Resistant Powder Coat for long lasting color
  • Thick Skirts for extra underwater action
  • Heavy Duty 3/0 Victory Hooks with Razor Sharp Points
  • Lead Trailer Keeper